CCFB Invoices

Please review this information on submitting invoices to California Library Association for all California Center for the Book programs.

  • We do NOT reimburse libraries or offer funds directly to libraries.
  • For program speakers/authors/presenters, we pay one payee as outlined on the program overview pages. This may or may not be a program partner. Payees may be organizations or individuals. See below regarding W-9. Payee invoices are usually paid after the program has taken place.
  • For program books, we purchase directly through Ingram Library Services on behalf of the library, up to the total amount requested as outlined on the program overview pages.
  • Refreshments, marketing, and other expenses should be provided with local funds, in-kind contributions, or Friends and Foundation funds. Program funds may not be used on these expenses.

Please provide this information about invoice submission to your speakers/authors/presenters.  Following these tips will ensure that the payment process is trouble-free and timely!


  1. Invoices must be submitted within 30 days of service.
  2. Invoices must include an invoice number, date, bill to (CCFB), payee info (person or organization), and mailing address.
  3. Invoice description must include: Library Name, Program Name, and very brief description of service.
  4. Invoices should be submitted as a 1 page PDF (preferred) or MS Word doc.
  5. Email invoices to Do not email or mail invoices to the CLA office.
  6. Invoice emails should include the Librarian on the Cc line.
  7. Paper checks are issued every 2 weeks from the CLA offices and mailed to the payee address provided.

W9 SUBMISSION for Speakers/Authors (Individuals Only)

Please note: For individuals invoicing $600 total or more in a year, we must have a completed Form W-9 before payment can be made.  Please do not email the W-9 as it includes sensitive information. Send a hard copy and a note indicating CCFB / Library Name /  Program Name (Book to Action, Community Conversations, etc) by mail to:

California Library Association
Attn: Karen Frazier (CCFB)
1055 E. Colorado Blvd., 5th Floor
Pasadena, CA 91106

If you have any questions, please contact