Californians: Community Conversations About Immigration 2017

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Californians: Community Conversations About Immigration is designed to spark community discourse and foster tolerance, meaningful conversation and understanding around immigration. Participating libraries received a bookshelf of 19 books and DVDs representing a variety of cultures and immigration experiences.  In October 2016, participants took part in an all-day training workshop led by Drs. Mediavilla and Walter which focused on developing community assessments, community partnerships, outcomes, and program evaluation.  Five Steps of Outcome-Based Planning and Evaluation for Public Libraries by Melissa Gross, Cindy Mediavilla and Virginia A. Walter was included in the bookshelf.

Californians: Community Conversations About Immigration 2017 Summary and Outcomes Measured

  • More than 70 programs hosted
  • More than 2,500 community members attended
  • 28 community partnerships created
  • 380 books and DVDs added to library collections
  • 93% of participants said they learned more about their fellow community members
  • 92% or participants have a better understanding of people’s stories about coming to California
  • 99% of participants state that the library is valuable to them and their community

Participating Libraries and Program Coordinators 2017

  1. Alhambra Civic Center Library – Michael Whitley
  2. Butte County Library – Sarah Vantrease and Brenda Crotts
  3. Chula Vista Public Library: Otay Branch * – Joy Whatley
  4. Fresno County Library * – Michelle Gordon
  5. Inglewood Public Library – Joel Rane
  6. Los Angeles Public Library: Vernon-Leon Washington Jr. Memorial Branch * – Yago Cura
  7. Monterey Park Bruggemeyer Library * – Evena Shu
  8. Moreno Valley Public Library – Ivorie Franks and Kevin Lee
  9. Oceanside Library – Monica Chapa Domercq & Hilary Holley
  10. Palo Alto Library: Mitchell Park Branch – RuthAnn Garcia
  11. Paso Robles Library – Karen Christiansen
  12. Sacramento Public Library * – Susan Benson
  13. San Diego County Library: Fallbrook Branch – Alina Rowe
  14. San Jose Public Library: Dr. Roberto Cruz-Alum Rock Branch – Nick Hedrick
  15. Santa Ana Public Library – Cheryl Eberly
  16. Santa Cruz Public Library – Arturo Villasenor
  17. Santa Monica Public Library: Fairview Branch – Jennifer Ulrich
  18. Simi Valley Public Library – Jeremy Scarlet
  19. Whittier Public Library – Nicole Schulert
  20. Yolo County Library: Turner Branch – Touger Vang

* Libraries also participated in the California Humanities program Library Innovation Lab: Exploring New Ways of Engaging California’s Immigrant Communities.

The Art of the Journey – Art Inspired by the Immigrant Experience in California. The Fresno County Public Library invites artists from all experience levels and backgrounds to submit artwork for our upcoming Art Hop show. This show is the third program in the Tell Us Your Story series. Through @california_humanities @CaliforniaCenterfortheBook and @California_Humanities, the Fresno County Public Library has created a series of four programs that allow community members to share their stories in different formats. Starting September 10th, the Betty Rodriguez Regional Library will highlight stories told through the visual arts, hosting an #ArtHop showcase featuring works submitted by community members that help tell stories about “Coming to California.” We welcome art that shows the stories and the experiences of “Coming to California,” from other countries or from other states. Application instructions and other details can be found at #FresnoLibrary

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  • American Education system overview presentation for Chinese Immigrants
  • Art of the Journey Art Inspired by the Immigrant Experience in California
  • Artist Talk with Don Barletti
  • Author Visit – Alberto Ramirez
  • Author Visit – Firoozeh Dumas – Funny in Farsi
  • Beyond Borders: Learn a Story, Share a Story
  • Bio: Clarence Muse
  • Book Discussion – Buddha in the Attic by Julie Otsuka
  • Book Talk by Van B Choat, author of Undaunted: A Memoir
  • Book Talk with Pulitzer Prize Winning Journalist Sonia Nazario, author of Enrique’s Journey
  • Book Talk: Funny in Farsi
  • Buried Treasures of the North County
  • California the Journey Story Jam: Until You Walk a Mile
  • Californians: a Living History
  • Celebracion De Las Americas: Cultural Exposition of Latin American Countries
  • Citizenship Corner in Library
  • Citizenship Information Session / Workshop
  • Compartiendo Nuestras Culturas – Sharing Our Stories
  • Conversation with Elk Grove Mayor Steve Ly
  • DACA Short Film Screening and Discussion with Filmmakers 
  • Dia de los Muertos Painting Workshop
  • Discussion: African-American Migration to California
  • Edgar Torres: My Immigration Story – Mexican American winemaker from Bodega de Edgar
  • ESL Conversation Group
  • Family History Program with the Chinese Oral History Project
  • Filipino Parol (Christmas Lanter) Art Project
  • Film Forum & Discussion –  A Better Life
  • Film Screening – Aviatrix
  • Film Screening & Presentation – Reunification A film by Alving Tsang
  • Film Screening of Chinese Couplets & Discussion with Filmmaker Felicia Lowe
  • Film Screening of Made in LA  documentary & discussion led by author Alberto Ramirez
  • Film Screening of The Men of Company E and conversation with producer Alfred Lugo
  • Film Screening : Una Vida Mejor
  • Guy Gabaldon: An American Hero
  • History of Dora Nelson African-American Art & History Museum
  • Human Library: Sharing my Story
  • Immigration Law
  • Immigration – Now What? / Inmigraction – Ahora Que?
  • Immigrant Stories: Border Angels
  • Immigrant Stories: Cuban Coffee
  • Immigrant Stories: Fieldworker to PhD
  • Immigrant Stories: License to Freedom
  • Immigrant Stories: Partnership for the Advancement of New Americans
  • Immigrant Stories: A Taste of Haiti
  • Japanese Internment Discussion with docents from California History Museum
  • Leaving – Settling – Achieving: The History of Black Migration to Southside Oroville
  • Migration Map
  • Noche de Altares – Migrant Authors Altar
  • Our Ancestors Were German – Astrid Adler
  • Re:seeking El Dorado: Riot & Revolt in Los Angeles, 1965 & 1992
  • Senior Center Book Club
  • Simi Valley Immigration map
  • Story Jam: Until You Walk a Mile 
  • Tales from Tule Lake: The True Story of Jim Tanimoto, an American Citizen Interned during WWII
  • Taste the World: Community Potluck
  • Welcome to America! Book Display

CALIFORNIANS: THE BOOKSHELF 2017  Annotated Bookshelf document below

  1. A Better Life (feature film, 2011)
  2. A Step from Heaven by An Na
  3. The Arrival by Shaun Tan
  4. The Buddha in the Attic by Julie Otsuka
  5. The Destruction of California Indians by Robert Heizer
  6. La distancia Entre Nosotros (The Distance Between Us) by Reyna Grande
  7. El Norte (feature film, 1983)
  8. Funny in Farsi by Firoozeh Dumas
  9. Las Uvas de la Ira (The Grapes of Wrath) by John Steinbeck
  10. The Lonely Queue: The Forgotten History of the Courageous Chinese Americans in Los Angeles by Icy Smith (English/Chinese)
  11. The Lucky Ones: One Family and the Extraordinary Invention of Chinese America by Mae Ngai
  12. My Name is Aram by William Saroyan
  13. Nothing Left in my Hands: The Issei of a Rural California Town, 1900-1942 by Kazuko Nakane
  14. Perfume Dreams: Reflections on the Vietnamese Diaspora by Andrew Lam
  15. Philip Vera Cruz by Craig Scharlin
  16. Seeking El Dorado: African Americans in California edited by Lawrence B. de Graaf, Kevin Mulroy, and Quintard Taylor
  17. So Far from Home: Russians in Early California edited by Glenn J. Farris
  18. Under the Feet of Jesus by Helena Maria Villamontes
  19. The Walking by Laleh Khadivi

The bookshelf was assembled with guidance from librarians of the California Library Association’s interest groups, the Asian Pacific and the American Indian Resource Centers of the County of Los Angeles Public Library, the California Librarians Black Caucus, the Ethnic Studies Library at UC Berkeley, and the Advisory Council of the California Center for the Book.



Share your stories and media with us via email or on social media (Facebook & Instagram @CaliforniaCenterfortheBook) with the tags: #Californians #CommunityConversations 

our library’s participation in the Californians: Community Conversations about Immigration program includes the following commitments:

  • A community assessment to ensure that your programs are tailored to your community’s needs and aspirations and therefore have the greatest chance of success
  • Working with and involving community partners and organizations
  • Delivering 4 public programs before Dec 31, 2017 that are outcome-based, planned with the intention of achieving program outcomes, and tailored to your community
  • Reporting back on program outcomes

A. Community Assessment. Due: February 1, 2017.

During the Oct 20, 2016 training workshop, Drs. Walter and Mediavilla outlined steps to helping you learn more about your community, including doing a community assessment. Included in the workshop materials was the “Community Narrative Template,” developed by the Harwood Institute for ALA.

People want (aspirations), but they’re concerned that (main concerns). As people talk more about those concerns they talk specifically about (specific issues). They believe we need to focus on (actions) and if (groups) played a part in those actions that folks would be more likely to trust the effort and step forward. (p. 20)

As you complete your community assessments, please email the following information:

  1. A brief description of how you conducted your community assessment. Please include what method(s) you used to reach out to your community, as well as any challenges faced during the process (if any).
  2. A completed Community Narrative Template statement with underlined statements filled in with your findings.
  3. Identify the specific outcome(s) that you intend to measure based on your community assessment.
  4. Include an outline of the programming you will do that is intended to achieve the outcome(s) including information about why you believe the programming will achieve your stated outcome.

B. Outcome Measurement / Participant Surveys. Survey totals from 2 Californians public programs due May 31, 2017. Survey totals from all 4 Californians public programs due December 31, 2017.

The participant survey is to be distributed and collected after each of your library’s 4 Californians public programs. This form includes the required questions that will measure the statewide outcomes. Additionally, we encourage you to set local outcomes for your programs, and to measure these outcomes by adding an additional question or two to the surveys.

To report back on the data collected from the participant surveys, please follow these steps each time you host a program:

  1. At the end of the program hosted by your library, please distribute and collect surveys from all attendees.
  2. For each survey question, tally the total number of responses received for each option indicated.
  3. Complete the Survey Total Form at