Speaker Invoices

About the Book to Action Speaker Fee Process

Please review the information below on submitting invoices for Book to Action initiatives. Provide this information to your speaker. Your speaker may be an individual, nonprofit, community partner, or business entity. California Center for the Book is part of California Library Association. All speaker fees are paid by California Library Association to the ONE speaker selected for each local Book to Action initiative. CLA does not reimburse libraries or offer funds directly to libraries. Program speaker fees may not be used for refreshments, marketing, or supplies, as these should be provided with local funds, in-kind contributions, or Friends and Foundation funds. Program Coordinators are responsible for ensuring that speakers submit complete and timely invoices.

How to Submit a Speaker Invoice for Book to Action 2021

  1. Speakers may submit their own invoice using this template or you can take their invoice and submit for them using this template: INVOICE-TEMPLATE-FY2020-2021-CCFB-CLA (Fillable PDF).
  2. Program Coordinators – Refer to the Book to Action welcome email for the amount of your library’s approved speaker fee. We pay ONE speaker fee per Book to Action initiative.
  3. Speaker invoices should not be itemized. Speaker fees are a flat fee.
  4. Invoices should be submitted within 30 days after the event.
  5. Check that the payee (individual, nonprofit, or business name) is clearly stated and that the mailing address is complete and correct.
  6. Check that the Library Name is noted in the description of service.
  7. Paper checks are issued every two weeks and mailed to the payee address provided. CLA does not offer electronic payment at this time.
  8. Speakers should email the complete invoice to the email below. Cc the Program Coordinator (local librarian in charge of Book to Action). Do not mail a hard copy.

When to Submit a W-9 (Individuals only)

Those that wish to be paid as individuals (not a business or nonprofit) AND will submit an invoice for $600 or more, must submit a completed W-9 to California Library Association before payment can be made.  Nonprofits, business and other entities do not need to submit a W-9 or any documentation other than an invoice. If needed, mail or email a completed W-9 to the address or email below.  Be sure to indicate on an attached post-it note: CCFB Book to Action – Library Name.

Mail W-9 Forms To (only if needed, see above):
California Library Association
Attn: Accounting
1055 E. Colorado Blvd. 5th Floor
Pasadena, CA 91106

Email Speaker Invoices, W-9s (if Needed), Questions to: hmacriss@calbook.org
Cc the Program Coordinator