History of Book to Action

In 2011, the Hayward Public Library, under the guidance of Sally Thomas, launched the first Book to Action program in the state of California. In 2012, ten California libraries received small LSTA grants to implement their own Book to Action programs.  In 2013, the California Center for the Book began administering the program on behalf of the State Library. Book to Action tied in closely to California State Library’s commitment to bolstering statewide volunteerism efforts, as seen in its initiative Get Involved: Powered by Your Library. In 2015, Hayward Book to Action became a collaborative effort between the Hayward Public Library and CSU East Bay. In 2017, Sally Thomas joined the California Center for the Book Advisory Council. Check out the 21st Century Librarian video for an inspiring 2017 update on the evolution of Book to Action at Hayward Public Library.  The Book to Action model has also been replicated in both South Carolina and North Carolina.

Book to Action Founding Library Video
To learn more about the first Book to Action program in California, watch From Book to Action: One Library’s Story (also below) a 4-minute video about the 2011 Book to Action series at Hayward Public Library based on Novella Carpenter’s book, Farm City: The Education of an Urban Farmer.